Wild Boar Season In Romania

Wild Boar Season In Romania

 How to hunt boars in Romania




The season for hunting start on August 11 and is till 15 February.


Quick Facts about hunting boars:

– Many hunters take to the woods each year in pursuit of wild boars (hogs). Another great spot for hunting is around water. Also is a good place to start looking for tracks from here.

– Follow the most recent tracks away from the water, the boars usually rotate between a certain living area and water.
– Ideally, one of the best shots a broadside boar should be placed in the shoulder area. of course, you need a bullet that will penetrate well.
– Many hunters are shooting hogs in the head, but remember the boar`s brain is a small target and protected by a thick skull. Also, a tough bullet with good penetration is required.


Breaking the wild boar down

A broken shoulder will put a hog down on the spot, just as it will with a deer or other game animal. This can be a great help, allowing for a fast follow-up shot if it’s necessary. Ideally, you don’t want to have to trail your animal – you want to kill it quickly and efficiently, and in the case of a mature hog, you don’t want it coming after you with those nasty sharp tusks.

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