Geese and Duck Season in Romania

Hunting the geese and ducks is between August 15 and February 28 and for small rates is extended until March 15.
Hunting methods are different and site-specific.
For example, a method used to hunt duck is stalking the passage places and thus require choosing an area with lots of vegetation where you can hide to avoid being detected (duck have excellent eyesight), or using the dog intake where allow land.
For hunting geese is notorious ambush, it can be the pool (when the geese leave or returning from the field), prowl the field (when it knows the move as these agricultural crops) or lurk in lan (if known foraging and hiding are possible).
Romanian fauna includes species of ducks and geese sedentary summer guests or guests for the winter. Baltic lakes and rivers are their natural environment, where depending on the species can collect up to thousands of pieces.
Hunting of ducks, and the geese, requires careful preparation and serious: the positioning, cloaking, to hotness the shooting. Besides all this spectacle of nature can bring you unforgettable moments: a sunrise or a sunset admired in silence.
See you at hunt.  Cathar full!

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    Dear sir if you know any company or trip organizer for duck hunting please send it to me , i would appreciate it

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